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Date: Thu Jul 21 2005 - 01:35:06 EEST

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> > I have some tracks dating back a few years at Vitaminic - no solo
> > piano work, but a variety of instrumental/electronic tracks ranging
> > in style from easy listening to experimental. I hope you enjoy them
> > (or at least those you choose to hear). These tracks can be found
> > here: http://stage.vitaminic.co.uk/main/gavin_stevens/all_tracks/
> How do you like vitaminic? I used to have a page at iuma before they
> were merged with/bought by vitaminic. (hope I have my history correct
> on that... I also had an mp3.com page for a while ...)

Hi Eric,

On the grounds that Vitaminic are still going & have kept my music on
their site, I quite like them. I also have a page at IUMA (your history
is correct as far as I can remember).

I shall be able to give a more up to date appraisal when I try to upload
some new tracks in the near future (still working on them as I write

I would say that both Vitaminic & IUMA are worth a try.

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