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> Hi LA users,
> after approx. a 20-year-break as a musician, I decided to get some MIDI
> equipment and do something more fun with all these computers.
> And wow it seems hard. I still remember someday when I bought my first
> MIDI stuff and started with DOS - so this was pre-Cubase & Co, and
> everything worked fine with some soundblaster and the Y-cable.

Things have moved on a little. :)

> Now I am reading since days about low-latency, tried both the live and
> the install of DeMuDi, configured an older companies' laptop (Asus with
> P3-750) to make use of my MidiSport2x2, and since then I'm fuddling
> around with jackd, alsa, rosegarden4, muse, and all the like.
> The latencies are horrible. Ok; it's UNIX/Linux, and that is meant for
> more than one person, I know, but I didn't assume it to be *that* hard.

What sort of latency problems are you having?
Remember, latency is only a monitoring issue, and should never affect
timing of audio to midi etc on playback.

If the laptop and soundcard just aint gonna play nice with jack at low
latencies whatever you do then use the direct analog monitoring in the
sound cards mixer for monitoring while recording audio rather than
software monitoring.

Softsynth latency can't be got round this way, but if your midi keyboard
has some sounds built in, you can record listening to them, and then
play back the midi parts with whatever softsynth you like.

> So I'm greeting all members of this list, and since I'm obviously a
> (rather old, I know) "newbie", don't kill me because of the questions I
> might ask here.
> Oh, andd thanks to all the authors of these great & free applications -
> as well as all the others who are writing good articles about them. Life
> is fun again ;-)
> cheers,
> wjl aka Wolfgang Lonien
> from Bremen, Germany
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