Re: [linux-audio-user] Noise reduction plugins

From: Erik Steffl <steffl@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Jul 22 2005 - 23:56:21 EEST

Kevin Cosgrove wrote:
> On 22 July 2005 at 10:03, Steve Harris <S.W.Harris@email-addr-hidden> wrote:
>>I dont think it can. GUI apps under linux are remarkably poor for thier
>>scriptability on the whole...
> I saw something on gnu.announce yesterday about some open source software,
> which had among it's features the ability to record/playback mouse
> movements, clicks, and other keyboard input. This might allow some
> scripting of a GUI app. Check the GNU site for this. I wish I could
> remember the name; it was 5 letters and started with a G. Hmm, maybe
> the last two letters were ss, maybe not. I'm a big help, aren't I...

   kde is scriptable (forgot what's it called), you can basically
control any kde app from command line, gnome might have something
similar to that...

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