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Date: Sun Jul 24 2005 - 12:48:44 EEST

On Sun, 24 Jul, 2005 at 01:11AM +0100, Jono Bacon spake thus:
<blah blah>

Excuse me for being lazy and not googling to find this out, but:

Are you Jono Bacon from Wolves that writes for LF?

If so, shame on you! You're surely teasing these people - you ought
to know that competing with Windows or Mac offerings is only a side
issue for Free people.

Things will get simpler, and if you use a distribution tailored to
this kind of thing, then it already is. Just like setting up a
machine running mail, web or whatever servers isn't straightforward
unless you use a distribution that's made it easy.

And that's the thing - choice. I use Linux for more reasons than I
care to list, but one of them is the amount of control I have over my
machine. Yes, my audio setup isn't something a newbie could put
together (patch this, compile that, fix the makefile over there) but
why should it be? A newbie can use demudi or one of the other audio

And if you are the Jono I'm guessing you are, then I live not far
away. If you get stuck, give me a shout. Because that's the other
thing that makes all the hard work worth it - the community. Often
I've had a problem or a query with an app and thanks to this and other
lists, I get to talk to a lot of people that really understand what's
happening under the bonnet. Sometimes you get help directly from the

While I have your attention... I'm a lecturer on a Creative Computing
degree course at a Uni not far from you. It's a new course and I'm
trying to push for extensive use of Free software. Any chance you
would like to come and give an invited talk at some point? We'd buy
you lunch, of course!


"I'd crawl over an acre of 'Visual This++' and 'Integrated Development
That' to get to gcc, Emacs, and gdb.  Thank you."
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