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From: Wolfgang Lonien <wolfgang@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Jul 25 2005 - 11:08:52 EEST

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Hi Tim,

tim hall wrote:
> Last Friday 22 July 2005 05:52, Wolfgang Lonien was like:
>>Esben Stien wrote:
>>>It would help if you described your system, both hard and soft, to be
>>>able to help you.
>>Oh oh - sorry I didn't do that until now. Ok:
> aadebug can be useful for system stats.

Hmmm ok - but 'apt-cache search aadebug' shows me nothing here... have
to google for that later (when back home).

>>[my hard & soft]
> Very similar to the system I'm running. I only get MIDI timing problems when I
> max out my CPU (more than a dozen simultaneous parts in Rosegarden).

So it must be the configuration on my part... I thought so.

> Have you read all of this:

yup; btdt - but without much success. What gives me headaches is that
the standard DeMuDi Live-CD or a clean install of it give me the same
lags as with my 'Sarge' with additional kernel/packages from the Agnula

>>No .asoundrc (maybe that is the cause?); jackd is started with -R -d
>>alsa or with jackstart from qjackctl.
> It's worth making a ~/.asoundrc - I doubt whether that's the cause though.

Ok; I'll try that, too.

>>It helps a wee bit if I use Fluxbox instead of Gnome, as does using Muse
>>instead of Rosegarden.
> Yep, it can also be worth disabling some services.

I diasbled not-used hardware in the BIOS, not-used services, and I start
the laptop without the PCMCIA WLAN card. Still... hmmm maybe I should
blacklist everything except PCI/USB? Or even turn off hotplug and try to
configure the USB port myself?

>>The lags and timeouts (xruns) start being worse when the screen starts
>>scrolling in Rosegarden/Muse.
> For complex pieces it can be worth turning off the playback follow option and
> various other bits of eye-candy in Rosegarden. It should run smooth for a
> four-part arrangement on your system.

It gives me lags with just one piano track, or with Rosegarden's
metronome alone...

> Hmm, maybe worth disabling acpi in the BIOS? I don't really understand how USB
> works. Which bit of hardware uses it? the keyboard?

BTDT. No success. And the USB ports on that particular ASUS laptop are
used for a Logitech mouse (because I hate these touchpads) and the
MidiSport 2x2 interface to get in my MIDI events and to get them out to
the Sound Canvas again, which actually plays the whole stuff.

> cheers,
> tim hall

BTW: I like your 'samsara' song.


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