Re: [linux-audio-user] running jack and non jack aware audio apps in the same time

From: Emiliano Grilli <emillo@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Jul 25 2005 - 15:43:25 EEST

luned?, 25 luglio 2005 alle 14:41:07, Eric Robert ha scritto:
> Hi list,
> for my needs as a musician i've configured my favorites audio apps to
> run with jack (mainly xmms, rosegarden, timidity and audacity), as i
> don't record anything yet but mainly transcript solos or compose midi
> stuff , or play with band in a box (through wine). I use jack as it
> makes it possible to open and use more than one app in the same time.
> Great!
> But sometimes i'd like to use non jack aware apps like sox (correct me
> if i'm wrong) or mpg123 or others. Those won't run unless i kill jack!
> How painfull as it is a very good friend of mine ;-)
> dev/dsp: Device or resource busy
> audio: Device or resource busy
> In the jack diagram
> (
> i can see that non jack aware apps can run in the same time using either
> the ALSA API or the OSS emulation layer.
> How comes that i can't run, say mpg123, and jack in the same time?
> xawdecode or xawtv for instance won't care if jack is running or not,
> why not sox or mpg123?

There's a library for interfacing old OSS apps to the jack server:

with it I can launch eg. mpg123 like this:

$ jacklaunch mpg123 file.mp3

I've only tried with ogg123 and mpg123 and it works with those two...

> Thanks
> Eric

HTH ciao

Emiliano Grilli
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