[linux-audio-user] A hand please?

From: <james@email-addr-hidden-dot-dat.net>
Date: Mon Jul 25 2005 - 23:05:21 EEST

Hi peeps.

As usual, I really want a guitar part in a track I'm working on and
can't play any more than the first few bars of "Everybody hurts" at
half speed.

So, I have created a sound file with the tune I want, played by a
pretend guitar and hope that someone on the list can play it for
real. If you prefer the notes, that's no problem either.

The sound I was after didn't quite work - I wanted something fuzzy,
and a little less sharp than I managed.

The soundfile is at

Your help is appreciated and I promise to get a quick test of the
track out within about a day of getting a soundfile from anyone who
helps me out. So you can see what I'm doing with it ;)

Thanks peeps!


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