[linux-audio-user] Small shell script

From: Emiliano Grilli <emillo@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jul 26 2005 - 18:12:21 EEST


I used to play files on console with "alsaplayer -i text", to have a CLI
jack-aware player, but what was annoying is that alsaplayer doesn't do
resampling very well (e.g. if you play a 48Khz file on a 44.1Khz
soundcard). Then I started using jacklaunch with mpg123 and ogg123, but
in this case filenames with spaces did'nt work :(
So i created this little script stealing some code from the jacklaunch
script. It's tested on my DeMuDi 1.2.1 .... I hope someone can find it
useful too... I leaved alsaplayer to play .m3u as you can't know if they
contain oggs or mp3s or both... (listening to the wonderful
http://opensrc.org/radio.m3u now :))

PS: as I'm not a programmer at all, it surely contains naive errors...
any comment / suggestion / correction is highly appreciated.


Emiliano Grilli
Linux user #209089 

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