Re: [linux-audio-user] Usability vs Intuitability in Ardour

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Date: Tue Jul 26 2005 - 21:01:02 EEST

as you're aware my nitpicks are trivial, but things never rememebered as an annoyance in any i figured i would case you got some VC funders who wanted to beef up usability..before selling a shrinkwrapped Ardour rack-mount unit.

about the timeline.. no drag-(up out, down in)-to-zoom. this is definitely in every windows app ever, but yet in no linux app..strange

> ardour puts all of the files relating to a session into a single
> directory/folder. it asks you where you want this folder..
> could you expand on your problems with this design?

nothing other than its an impediment to getting started..most apps including mac/win DAWs and word processors let you create an untitled proj without first prompting for a save location..but agree copying 80gb would be bad..

> > 'peak' files are generated alongside the source file so they arent
> > wastefully regenerated on each usage.
> ardour generates peak files once, and once only

i meant..add a file to 2 sessions, since the peak is stored inside the project and not next to the original file, it doesnt know about it, and has no chance of reuse... surely this eclipses any more subtle differences in ext3 performance.. ive 2 identical 2,624K peaks already, and god knows im gonna use that file in every project i have!

> using either nautilus or konqueror, you can drag-n-drop any non-
> compressed file into ardour, in a variety of ways. ardour does not

drag'n'drop is not working from konqueror but hey..even 'insert file' is complaining: project samplerate doesnt match! my files are a mix of 44.1,48,96khz and i was always able to use them together in my windows DAW, it would just remap the rate difference to the nondestructive resampling parameter...since every app has nondestructive resample these days, this is a historical relic of an error message...harkening back to the days when computers were too slow to resample, which must have been long ago, since samplitude had this feature on the AMIGA...

> and/or storage space. No serious audio professional
> makes music by pasting mp3 samples into their work,
> and neither should you. Even if only because if someone
> re-mp3's or ogg-encodes your work, it will sound even
> more deeply horrible.

half my files are FLACs, they sound the same, its a great way to store 24bit files in the disk space of 12 bit files. but i agree with you that supporting ACM or Coreaudio codec and instantly getting ogg/flac/lame/etc is a lot simpler than adding a bunch of dependencies and dealing with slightly different APIs for each..dont blame ya.

> i am sorry that you don't like the flexibility that JACK offers. most
> people seem to like it a lot once they used to it. i assume that you

actually i love it, im just wondering what your approach is to 'user used amSynth on tracks 1 and 3, so i will spawn it and reconnect everything the way it was...' well, i'll search the LASH archives since this is the buggest usability cache-miss in my own sequencer..

cheers, relaly do love ardour and just wanted to redundancy check the TODO list...
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