Re: [linux-audio-user] Re: El-Cheapo success with alsa lib 1.0.8 but not with 1.0.9

From: Arnold Krille <arnold.krille@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jul 27 2005 - 01:19:45 EEST

2005/7/26, Salvatore Di Pietro <salvuz_78@email-addr-hidden>:> Arnold Krille wrote:> > I can use 6 analog ins and 6 analog outs on my sblive with live!drive...> So you have more than one ADC on your LiveDrive setup?
Yeah, the live!drive has another two stereo adc's for input and andone for stereo-out.And additionally two digitial ins and outs... and midi in/out...
If you are lucky you can get a live!drive on ebay at around 15€ (thatswhat I paid).
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