Re: [linux-audio-user] Spooky sounds from Saturn

From: <davidrclark@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jul 27 2005 - 21:12:32 EEST

Hi all,

Although I'm skeptical that any "audio" from Saturn, especially sampled
at 5 kHz is meaningful, it certainly is fun to listen to. It's a good
PR thing for NASA to do, I guess... My inner child enjoyed it immensely.

Anyway, I took the file and processed it with some of the audio tools that
I wrote myself (the true power of GNU/Linux as applied to audio):

1) Upsampled to 44,100 samples/sec using FFT resampler (Sampster, in case
anyone cares).

2) Applied stereo convolution reverb (Verbster) with IR's that I calculated
for a large room (Boxster).

3) For more fun: Applied a phasor tool I wrote (Phazster) so the sound moves
around a little.

4) oggenc

This was about a ten-minute exercise, so isn't optimized in any way.

One of the benefits of listening to binaural images with headphones (which
is what this case was aimed at) is that you can hear more in a sense. We
aren't well-designed to listen to mono, and it's annoying to listen to when
trying to analyze a sound.

Hope you all have fun listening to it. I'm now out of web space, so I
cannot add a techno groove and put up another version. (What a shame, huh?)

Regards to all,
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