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From: Greg Wilder <greg@email-addr-hidden>
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Try Googling around for csound tutorials - there are many many great ones. I'll send along links to my favorites when I get home next week.

Also, my web site ( has a nice collection of csound oriented scripts, templates, and shell environment aliases created by Allan Schindler. These may help you get started by making complex tasks a bit easier. In particular, the templates are wonderful models for building your own orcs and scos.

A word of caution - I haven't updated the downloadable tarball in almost 8 months. (It was originally designed for my students so they could install it over a clean FC1 and contains automated kernel updates etc - don't use it unless you know what you're doing!)

I've recently built a new package which contains lots of usability improvements, dozens of my own scripts, and it's now distro independent. Give me a week and i'll post the new version.


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I really like the tune Greg (-:

You said you made it 85% with CSound. I'd like to learn CSound language.
What would you advise?


Greg Wilder a écrit :
> More Music - 100% built and bred in a GNU/Linux environment:
> (Warning - large file 17M - over 10 minutes of music)
> App list:
> Csound (about 85% of the DSP done here)
> Cecilia (csound front end)
> PVC (phase vocoding)
> SMS (now CLAM)
> Vspace (spatial sound processing tools)
> SND (editor +)
> Mix Views (editor +)
> Audacity (before Ardour was stable)
> Digital sources were largely culled from the sound library at the
> Eastman Computer Music Center.
> Enjoy!
> Greg Wilder

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