Re: [linux-audio-user] daily-use mixer for jack

From: Leonard \ <paniq@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Jul 31 2005 - 03:34:12 EEST

On Sunday 31 July 2005 01:05, Paul Davis wrote:
> > based on the current layout of jack, writing an application that has an
> > effect on all sound streams generated looks a bit hacked:
> of course, because if the user didn't route them through a single point
> of control, then there is no single point of control - this is
> deliberate, its not an error or an oversight.

and here i am, pointing out a disadvantage of this concept :/

> > this mixer application would have to plug itself to the main outs and sit
> > idle waiting for new connections. when a new connection connects itself
> > to the main outs, the mixer app would disconnect the ports and reconnect
> > them to the in-ports of the mixer application.
> "main outs"? what are they? my RME interface has 26 outputs. a delta
> 1010 has 12. what are "the main outs" ?

exactly these 26/12 outputs are the main outs. the same thing could btw be
done with the main ins as well.

in terms of the jack api, i could also call them ports with the hardware flag
set. most jack programs automatically connect to the first hardware ports
available, as far as i mentally gathered.

> > instead, what about a final amp routine within jack that reads its amp
> > value from a float shared in memory. other apps could read from/write to
> > this float, and synchronization does not matter in this case.
> this was discussed at length during the design of JACK and rejected by
> almost everyone.

"naaaa" "naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" "hm ... na." "but..." "SHUT UP!" "ok" :P

-- leonard "paniq" ritter
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