[linux-audio-user] [ANN] WONDER v2.1.0 is out!

From: Marije Baalman <nescivi@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Mar 01 2006 - 15:41:51 EET

Hi all,

After a long while, I am proud to announce that there is a new release of

    WONDER -
       Wave field synthesis Of New Dimensions of Electronic music in

It is designed to provide an interface between a wave field synthesis
system and the software or hardware composers and performers of
electronic music are used to.
The current version (v2.1.0) allows the user to either create a
composition for the movement of the sound sources in his composition or
to control the movements in realtime, either via the gui or via open
sound control.

More information and download is available on:

This release finally concludes the restructuring of the program, I
started well over a year ago (and talked about at the last LAC), and the
program should run stable now, having done several tests myself and
thoroughly using valgrind to check for memory leaks. :)

I created an email list for users of the program, and invite anyone who
is interested to subcribe at, to keep up-to-date on developments or to
ask questions about the use of the program:

Yours sincerely,
Marije Baalman
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