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From: Gene Heskett <gene.heskett@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Mar 02 2006 - 04:49:27 EET

On Wednesday 01 March 2006 17:22, Lee Revell wrote:
>On Wed, 2006-03-01 at 23:15 +0100, fons adriaensen wrote:
>> On Wed, Mar 01, 2006 at 12:19:34PM -0800, Maluvia wrote:
>> > >I read the other week that David Gilmour's engineers test every
>> > > audio cord by running sound both directions, to determine which
>> > > direction sounds better. I don't know how that works, but
>> > > Dave's pretty cool.
>> >
>> > One of our heros - and actually, we do that too.
>> > We started doing that when we switched to Zaolla cables since they
>> > are designed to have a preferred direction for the signal flow,
>> > (but they no longer put the arrows on the cables).
>> Don't forget to flush out the old and tired electrons every two
>> weeks.
>If the capacitance of the guitar cable is known to affect the sound
> then isn't it plausible that this could have an effect?
Of course it can Lee. Its just as easily predictable, and measureable
as any other 'imperfect' method of moving electrons around. Oh, wait,
thats the audio signal isn't it. :)

But, simple electronics math for l-c circuits can very accurately
predict exactly where in the spectrum, possible even sub-ultrasonic and
therefore hearable by good, or not so good, ears.

The L in the formula is of course the inductance of the pickup coil
driving the cable. The C is the cables rated capacitance per foot
times feet of cable, or its actual measured value. It forms a resonant
circuit thats pretty easy to either predict or measure. Its frequency
is where the impedance of the L=impedance of the C. However, depending
on the pickup coils inductance, I'd hazard a guess that it would take
more cable (lengthwise) to get to where that condition would have an
effect on the sound than is generally used. Most of you will stay
within the 25 foot length of your best cable. For those that need more
these days, as in complete stage freedom, there is always the little
black box transmitter and receiver combo's to put to use.

A friend of mine who plays a pretty mean electric bass has been using
one of those during practice sessions for a couple of years now since
thats one less cable to stumble over when the session gets late. It
works from anyplace in the building, the building is an old steel
building, one end of which has a 100kw tv transmitter thats also
running. It hasn't bothered his 'cable stretcher' a bit that I've ever


Cheers, Gene
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