[linux-audio-user] Re: Interesting story for BCR2000 owners

From: Maluvia <terakuma@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Mar 02 2006 - 18:37:10 EET

Yes - they make budget equipment for starving musicians, but I think
they're performing a good deed in that regard.

FWIW, our experience with B equipment has been mixed.
We once tried one of their Euroracks and one of their Ultracurves, and sent
them both back.
Also tried one of their DI boxes and ultimately discarded it.
(The electronics just sounded like cheap rock band quality.)

We had written them off until we came across their V-Verb Pro, which we
decided to go ahead and try due to its nominally higher resolution.
It took some adjusting to, but we feel that we are getting a cleaner, more
accurate sound through it.
For its price - it's a very repectable unit.
(Maybe it was by mistake.) ;)

> I prefer to stick with Alesis, FMR Audio, Studio Projects, M-Audio, etc.
> Good quality, good prices.

Alesis *used* to be very good, but they've changed hands and dumbed-down
their offerings quite a bit.
They discontinued their Q20 processers and DM-Pro drum modules - which I
think were their best products. I believe they've discontinued their M-EQ
230 as well, which was a very nice little unit.
Our Q20 was very nice - lots of power, but had a muddiness we could never
completely get rid of.
Amazingly, our little V-Verb seems to be giving us a better sound. Who'd a
thunk it?

The only M-Audio product we have is our studio-monitor system, and we
absolutely love it!

- Maluvia
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