Re: [linux-audio-user] Re: New song

From: Esa Linna <esa.linna@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Mar 04 2006 - 11:26:32 EET

Dana Olson wrote:

> Hey, I really like it. For some reason, it reminds me of a cross
> between Neil Young and Oasis. I hope that doesn't offend you, I really
> love Neil Young.
Wow, that's great. I like Neil Young too, so it really doesn't offend
me. In fact, I played the cover of Young's "Powderfinger"
with my ex-band.
> I think the cowbell sounds weird to me though, sounds a bit more like
> a woodblock I guess. It is a minor complaint and it's a matter of
> personal preference. Myself, I'd experiment with some plate reverb on
> it and see if I could make it a little different, but again, my
> preference. You did a much better mixing job than I could hope to do.
The cowbell is a little bit too loud, I agree..

> I really liked the drum kit. What was the guitar running through to
> get that tone?
There are three (and sometimes four) guitars there. I used Dan Electro's
Daddy-O overdrive and Cool Cat chorus in some guitars, and then there's
also TAP plugins here and there. Thanks!

Carlo Capocasa wrote:
> Hey... Great work. I would have never guessed it's not a real drummer.
Thanks! I am glad to hear that it sounds like a real drummer. I tried to
make it to sound like that, so it's very nice to hear that.

Q wrote:

> I can't believe nobody's said it, so here goes... "NEEDS MORE COWBELL!" ;-)
I heard it from my friend :-)

> Not really. I liked it, it sounds okay. I agree with the earlier comment
> about the drums ?? it does sound like a cohesive drum kit with a drummer.
> Which kit did you use in Hydrogen? The whole song bounces along nicely.
I used modified UltraAcousticKit, just replaced some sounds with drum samples I have.

> Personally, I'm not keen on the reverb on the vocals but that's just me.
> I like the vocal harmonies, the song seems to almost "open up" when they
> come in and they add interest.
Yes, I prefer more the dry sound in vocals too, but I tested different kind of reverbs and it somehow ended up like this..


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