[linux-audio-user] GNU Audio Community Conference Room

From: Esben Stien <b0ef@email-addr-hidden-stien.name>
Date: Sun Mar 05 2006 - 23:43:25 EET

I see some projects have started putting up public SIP conference
rooms in combination with their mailing lists and irc channels. One is
the freeswitch[0] project.

The GNU Audio Community should be pioneering in this effort, in my

The topic would be the same as LAU; discuss music production, problems
and software and whatever really;).

There are some public SIP servers[1] that allows dynamic creation of
conference rooms. The way it works is that you can call any number
beginning with a certain prefix and you'll enter a conference room. If
anybody else calls this number, they will of course join the

If anybody would like to try and see if they meet someone, you can


Substitute the GNU-AUDIO with the corresponding letters. The complete
SIP URI will then be:


Maybe in the future we can host our own server if this works out. Some
other projects got a bot in irc which notifies of JOIN AND QUIT in the
conference room.

To get a SIP soft phone, you can check out the various free software
projects at voip-info[2], specifically the SIP soft phone clients
page[3]. Be aware that not all projects on that page is free
software. If you need a terminal client, check out asterisk[4]. You
can also run your sip phone through JACK;). A GUI client might be


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