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From: lanas <lanas@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Mar 06 2006 - 14:38:20 EET

Le Dimanche 5 Mars 2006 14:03, Lee Revell a écrit :
> On Sun, 2006-03-05 at 08:22 -0500, lanas wrote:
> > As for the second point I mentioned, people having in general more
> > interests in things, this is very flagrant with the percentage of
> > Americans not caring what Bush has lead them to so far.
> Thirty something percent?

Quite recently. Takes a lot to bring it down. That was not the case in 2003
when most of the whole world was demonstrating against the invasion of Irak
and Americans were all for it. They still would be if it was not for the
falling job market and all the billions invested under the auspices of lies
and the minimal deaths on the US side.

Even in the last election, they did not vote for a real alternative.

Sure, percentage in favor will continue to go down. Guess what. The USA will
be still doing the same in 10 years from now if they have sufficient money to
do it. Convincing people ? By choice or by force.

People should express themselves much more clearly.

Say you live in Boston. Say there's a study showing that Boston if a very
violent city, worldwide. Say that you live a peaceful life and never had any
problems whatsoever. Won't you be tempted to say, nay, Boston ain't a
violent city at all ? That would be not getting it.

> > Political
> > chitchat in America often boils down to echoing something heard on
> > TV.
> I don't watch TV and neither do most of my friends

There's not an awful good choice to start with anyways.

> > In Europe you at least get the feel that the individual has given
> > some thought to the matter.

> You seem to be comparing cultured Europeans to American hicks, but you
> can go to the south of France or the mountains of Switzerland and find
> people who are the European equivalent of dumb ass rednecks in the US.

What with people in the south of France ? Are you referencing the Maghrebian
population ? Or the people in the mountains of Switzerland ? I've never
heard they were particularly dumb.

Now, if what you meant were Belgians... ;-)))))))))))

OK, 'twas nice to make a short detour on culture, politics and other
interests, and I admire the list to tolerate this. Now these topics should
nevertheless come to an end shortly, I think.

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