[linux-audio-user] Muse and MIDI Syncing stuff

From: Hiram Abiff <domain.admin@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Mar 06 2006 - 22:43:44 EET


I've been messing with Muse a lot recently and there is one
thing I haven't been able to manage completely. and that
thing is, you've guessed it, MIDI syncing.

I own a DR-880 Drum Machine which I connect via a USB cable
to my computer and use it as a MIDI device in the qjackctl pathcbay

I then proceed to add the DR-880 in Midi Ports/Soft Synths in Muse, after
which Midi Ports/Soft Synths shows an Instrument named "generic midi"
and a device named "DR-880" followed by: "Play:Device or resource busy".
I don't understand why Muse says it's busy when nothing is playing
on it.

I set up MIDI Sync so that Muse is the Master and turn on "MIDI Clock"
and "MIDI Machine Control" and set the port to 3 'cause that's the port
I used in MIDI Ports/Soft Synths for the DR-880.

So, finally when I press play in Muse the DR-880 starts playing.
yay, great. But my enthusiasm didn't last for long as I was soon
to find out that when I skip playback in Muse to a certain point
or rewind it back the DR-880 keeps on playing.

And this is EXTREMELY annoying and discouraging, especially
for long songs where I have to play them from start each time
just to record a MIDI solo on my keyboard at the last minute
and it also makes music making tedious and boring.

Now, what am I missing? Is Muse supposed to work this way and only
sync with a MIDI device when played from the start? Or more probaly
I misconfigured or my lack of knowledge is causing this.

I kindly ask for any sort of help or some light on my dark path
of playing the song from start to end each time I want to
record a new part or edit it.

Note: I figured out that I could place markers in certain points
of the track where a pattern on the DR-880 is starting and then
manually rewind on the DR-880 to that part when I want to
start from a particular point in the song but this is also
time consuming and driving me mad.

Sorry for the extremely long mail but I am starting to lose
my patience with this particular issue.

Thnx, Hiram.

"I happen to think that computers are the most important thing to 
happen to musicians since the invention of cat-gut which was a long 
time ago. "
Robert Moog
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