[linux-audio-user] Re: Hardware Recommendations

From: Loki Davison <loki.davison@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Mar 10 2006 - 07:20:42 EET

On 3/10/06, Lee Revell <rlrevell@email-addr-hidden-job.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-03-10 at 13:21 +1100, Loki Davison wrote:
> > I get message like APIC error on CPU0: 00(40) sometimes in the log.
> > Mandriva 2006 x86_64 installs fine on this machine, no boot params
> > required or anything. However stability seems terrible. It totally
> > locks up quite often. Memtest says ram is fine. I've heard this occurs
> > with this board on windows/etc too. Not sure if it's just MSI's RS480
> > that is this bad or others as well. I currently don't use the nearly
> > totally useless onboard graphic card at all. No dvi output, bad
> > drivers and no 3d performance make it a much worse choice than a cheap
> > nvidia card. Also temp/fan monitoring is a no go. All round, i'm
> > certainly never touching anything made by them again, both ATI and
> > MSI, though i'm not sure who's fault it is.
> I suspect the 32 bit drivers would be more stable than the 64 bit ones.
> I hope you guys are posting these in the kernel bugzilla or something.
> Search for your board in there, there are many bugs with patches that
> just need a tester. ACPI is such a pain in the ass and there are so
> many varieties of new hardware that bugzilla is the only reasonable way
> to track it.
> Really the problem is that vendors these days don't take the time to
> verify that their hardware is correct, they just ship it as soon as it
> seems to boot and run Windows. So the line between a hardware bug and a
> kernel bug gets blurry...
> Lee

I haven't looked into it to much because i've heard the board is bad
with any OS. I.e just not a good board ;-) I'm planning on getting rid
of it when i get a job (hopefully soon).

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