Re: [linux-audio-user] Hardware samplers

From: Josh Lawrence <hardbop200@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Mar 11 2006 - 01:14:17 EET

On 3/10/06, Cesare Marilungo <cesare@email-addr-hidden> wrote:
> >But, how can I create my own Gigasamples, or what else are they called? Is
> >there only Windows software?
> >
> >Thanks!
> >
> >Carotinho

MHO: There's no point in wasting your time. There is a vast
commercial market of fine samples out there to be had, and I don't see
the open source community jumping on the task of creating their own,
at least at the rate that commercial developers do. Unfortunately,
not all hardware samplers import all formats, so going with the
hardware solution will probably be just as frustrating as the software
one. It's a catch-22, with no real good solution. The only viable
option is to try to run something like Native Instruments' Kontakt on
Linux, which a lot of people do, from what I understand.

I would love to see Linuxsampler try to acheive the same level of
functionality as Kontakt, which is a fine sample program. Why they
are focusing so much on the Giga library and totally ignoring the Akai
library is a mystery to me. Linux Audio needs a full-featured sample
program *badly*, and Linuxsampler (from looking at the spec sheets)
just ain't it (yet).

Josh Lawrence
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