Re: [linux-audio-user] Re: POLL: Marketing Free Music - Jamendo and censorship

From: Gene Heskett <gene.heskett@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Mar 12 2006 - 21:00:28 EET

On Sunday 12 March 2006 10:51, Jan Depner wrote:

> That's it exactly - I can't stand the message that skinheads put
> out but I'll defend to the death their right to say it. I also don't
> like a lot of the PETA garbage but the same holds true there.

Speaking of PETA, how many watched Larry King last week when he had Sir
Paul & his lady on. Paul was reasonable, and I got the impression that
he was doing this for her rather than any real standup and be counted
martyrdome, but his lady was not, she had the most impolite, shout down
all opposition attitude I've ever seen.

It blows me away, since Larry is such a control freak, that he even
allowed that show back out of the can once it was taped. It had to be
very embarrasing for him that he effectively lost control of his own
program. She made enemies of people who were still on the fence about
PETA that night. Totally ignoreing the mentions by most of the others
also interviewed that PETA was on the terrorist watch list published by
DHS, some of them I thought rather pointed & said just to get a
response that actually addressed the question, but the only response
was to play the same almost irrevalent shouting match all over again,
word for word. If anyone had an opposing view, shout them down was the
universal manta.

Reasonable people will see PETA for what it is, and my opinion of Sir
Paul, on a personal scale as opposed to his music, went down many
notches that night.

And since this thread started with, I finally did get
azureus to get the SEBRIDE album, which I pulled because it "had a
Vangelis-like" flavor. Frankly, I found it much more subdued than
that, and heavily reminiscent of a late night music show on NPR that
hasn't been on in a while now, called "Nightshades" which seemed to
have a high percentage of music such as this. Overall, something you
could put in a loop as you went to bed & let it go all night, sleeping
better than usual because of the 'natural' background much of it was
flavored with. For that I'll give it a ***** rating.

Cheers, Gene
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