[linux-audio-user] Re: Internet Music Business Models + Logos

From: Carlo Capocasa <capocasa@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Mar 23 2006 - 16:46:29 EET

Carotinho, my man!

> This way, you create music labels out of listeners, and I think it can be
> interesting! And every distributor can add something to his offer, a bit like
> a "distro" for your music! There will be minimalistic distros (the file and
> nothing else), the bloated ones (you can get a full CD with cover etc.) and
> the "compile it yourself" distro: you get the MIDI files and the patches for
> the synths and you create the music at home:)

YES YES YES! And the sweet part... All the advantages of Creative
Commons coupled with the opportunity to GET RICH.

> But for this it's needed a good license, to put clear every obscure point that
> might raise!:)

I think I'll just write a plain language license and work out the
details later.
You don't worry about problems, they don't molest you. Confidence!

>>In order for people to know what is expected of them I have created a
>>set of logos (SVG, http://shelljam.sourceforge.net/musicstream.svg).
> The logos are nice, except for the "musicstream": IMHO a more beautiful font
> is needed!:)

I wanna keep it simple... Suggestions?

>>PS: The ideas of 'Made with Free Software' and 'Geek is Cool and Sexy'
>>have not been forgotten, but as far as I can see should be launched as
>>seperate campaigns so non-Geeks and Propellerheads users can be part of
>>the Phun as well!

> This one is for me:)

I'm with ya! Do it bro! Your Vorbis logo was nice but not simple enough
for me.

> Byez!


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