Re: [linux-audio-user] Sharing samples via P2P

From: Dana Olson <dana@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Mar 24 2006 - 21:27:30 EET

On Fri, 2006-03-24 at 15:50 +0100, Ismael Valladolid Torres wrote:
> Rob escribe:
> > Or we could adopt a "when in Rome" approach and stick [LAU] in
> > the filename like pirate groups do. That might actually help
> > eventually in establishing a "brand" and getting lots of people
> > to help seed this stuff because they'll know it's good.
> I like this but we should be sure if it works, I mean, if searching
> for "[LAU]" would return a list of our shared files.
> We should agree a server all our P2P clients should be connected to so
> searches return all available files.
> Why not doing this? Simply announcing here when a new file is
> available so interested people can go and downloading it.
> Cordially, Ismael

I think this is a great idea... Can we expand this to include anything?
Like ZynAddSubFX patches, AMSynth, Om, etc.. All that stuff? If there is
such a site for those types of files already, please feel free to pass
it along. :)

Maybe posting to the list would become pretty busy... Perhaps a website
where you can add entries with filename/contents/description would be
good? That way we don't get 500 emails a day. :)

I would be willing to work on that website if you all think it's a good
idea. I could put checkboxes too for file contents, and have icons to
show what each file contains, like check off if it's a MIDI file, WAV
files, DLS, SF2, etc. I think it'd be a really good idea, and I have the
time to do up the site, and I can host it on (unless
someone more generic, ex:, wants to host it).

As far as networks go, is there a good command-line client that we could
use that will run in a screen session and not take up a gig of RAM?
Ideally, IMHO, the FrostWire/LimeWire clients are great, but I'd prefer
a screen session to leave it running in the background.


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