[linux-audio-user] Fwd: free music (art) event in Venezuela

From: Marcos Guglielmetti <marcospcmusica@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Mar 27 2006 - 22:40:52 EEST

> Conatel (Comision Nacional de Telecomunicaciones) from Venezuela
> http://www.conatel.gov.ve/ asked me to help to build a free-music and
> possiblty free-art festival. (related with free-software tecnologies
> for media).
> They have already a little site: http://www.venezuelatoda.org.ve/
> dedicated to venezuelan music.
> I've already started to contact musiciens etc here to build the
> festival, and also we registered with hipatia conatel.info and now we
> have 2 sites more wiki.conatel.info (which we are with David building
> for another technical problem conatel has - recording of the radios),
> and musicalibre.conatel.info which is the same as
> artelibre.conatel.info.
> In this wiki i started to collect material on free music to start
> building the festival. Take a look specially in
> http://musicalibre.conatel.info/index.php/The_Free_Music_Philosophy
> text i've got in Canada, and i transcribed there to be translated (I
> NEED HELP TO TRANSLATE), and be useful as base to the event, of
> course modified.
> Well, I think we have another project. If someone of you is
> interested to colaborate... will be real good.

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