[linux-audio-user] Snare Synthesis

From: Carlo Capocasa <capocasa@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Mar 29 2006 - 00:31:16 EEST

Here's an incredibly simple trick I discovered to synthesize incredibly
hard and groovy snare sounds... The typical THWACK that just makes the
crowds move.

You need nothing more than a noise source, one (yes one!) band pass
filter and a flexible envelope.

Hook up the source and your envelope and tune your snare with the band
pass filters cutoff frequency and bandwidth (also known as CF and Q-factor).

Then set up your envelope to have a "knee". If the volume graph for your
typical snare envelope looks like this:

| \
| \
| \
| \

Make it look like this

| \
| \
| \
| \
| \
| \

The psychological effect is that the listener is 'punched' towards the
knee with great force, and then gently released, constantly keeping him
or her in that gentle musical trance place, while still being an
extremely man-moving sound. It's great to help induce that 'dance
trance' we pop musicians are all looking for for our shows.

Actually, you can get the same effect with an extremely strong
compressor; however, with this little trick you do the same thing and
use no extra CPU power.


PS: ZynAddSubFX is a great way too implement this; use a Free-Mode
envelope and add an additional 'point' for the knee.
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