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From: Denis Alessandro Altoe Falqueto <denisfalqueto@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Apr 10 2006 - 18:24:19 EEST

On 4/10/06, <> wrote:
> Here:

Oh, that one. There are other types of nuts here and I didn't know how
they were named in english. That is the "castanha do Pará". "Castanha"
is the portuguese for chestnut and "do Pará" means that it is from the
state of Pará, a federation state here in Brazil, which belongs to the
Amazon ecosystem. Of course, it occours in all the Amazonic region.
The pronounce of "castanha" has a gotcha: the "nha" is pronounced as
ña in spanish (hard to explain in text form). And Pará has the last
syllable as the strong one.

Denis A. Altoe Falqueto
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