[linux-audio-user] ANN: Freewheeling 0.5.2 Release

From: JP Mercury <swirlee@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Apr 14 2006 - 03:44:33 EEST


Freewheeling 0.5.2 ("The Patch Browser Upgrade") is now available.

You can now browse patches for external synths and plugins right from inside
Freewheeling. Bank and program changes are sent via MIDI, and MIDI output
ports are switched as needed.

Other work (play!) is going on under the surface of development. For example,
I am working on Elastin, an efficient time and pitch stretching library that
will integrate tightly with Freewheeling, allowing you to do wonderful things
in real-time with your loops. First prototype is already complete.

I've also been experimenting with networked jams. Currently I am plugging into
Ninjam sessions and adding some loop-based jamming to the mix. Time stays
syncronized via the Jack transport. People seem to dig the stability that the
loops offer.



2006-05-13 v0.5.2

            The Patch Browser Upgrade
            New Features
            * Integrated patch browsers for external audio apps

            * Bank and program changes are now sent based on the patches
              you define

            * MIDI outputs are now switched as part of the integrated
              patch browser

            * Automatic patch list generation for DSSI softsynths
              The Fluidsynth patch browser has been expanded to provide
              patch browsing for external synths/apps.
              You can define your patches (MIDI port, channel, bank, program,
              and name) in external XML patch files.
              All your patches, internal and external, now appear in the
              patch browser. The browser now has several pages,
              one for each MIDI port and channel for which you have defined
              patches. Therefore, if you have Hexter on channel 1 of MIDI
              output 1, and WhySynth on channel 2 of MIDI output 1, you can
              independently browse your Hexter and WhySynth patches right from
              within Freewheeling.

              Freewheeling sends the right bank and program changes out the
              right MIDI port based on your patch definitions. It also echoes
              your MIDI events to the right place, so that you can switch
              one keyboard between several softsynths.
              When you have the patch browser selected, you can use the
              left/right arrow keys to switch between browser sections.
              This causes your incoming MIDI events to be switched from
              one port to another- as defined in your ~/.fweelin.rc and
              patch XML files. This way, you can quickly
              switch between softsynths without leaving Freewheeling's

              To use this feature, please read 'examples/readme.txt' for setup

              I will likely be expanding this to include 'combi' type
              actions where you can custom configure your MIDI signal to be
              sent to several softsynths. Then you could, for example,
              play Hexter with your left hand and Linuxsampler with your
              right hand.

            * Configuration files now live in ~/.fweelin/

              ~/.fweelin.rc will be moved to ~/.fweelin/.fweelin.rc
              when you start version 0.5.2.

            * Fixed startup segfault when running without integrated

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