[linux-audio-user] Edirol UA-25 issues with ALSA

From: Adrien DANIEL <adrien.daniel@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Apr 15 2006 - 16:54:01 EEST

Hi !

I am sorry, I am asking a lot of questions on these lists, but please
believe me, I try to search by myself before posting !

Well, my problem is very simple : my Edirol UA-25 does not want to work
on my Linux DeMuDi testing...

First thing : my UA-25 is not detected at boot time. So, I load the
snd-usb-audio module. Fine, now my card appears in the ALSA system.

The MIDI ports work fine. No problem on that point.

Now, when I try to launch Jack on my UA-25, it does not work at all :

ALSA: cannot set hardware parameters for playback
ALSA: cannot configure playback channel
cannot load driver module alsa

I tried to launch XMMS with the ALSA output driver, and it does not
work better.

I have done all the things that are written on the ALSA website for the
support of the UA-25 with snd-usb-audio driver : creation of the
/etc/modutils/alsa file and of the .asoundrc file, and I have run
update-modules. The /etc/modules.conf file has been modified by the
script, so it's ok.

The problem seems to come from my ALSA configuration. I have tried
alsaconf, but it only detects my integrated ESS Maestro3.

And my hardware configuration is ok, because when I try the DeMuDi live
CD, everything works for my UA-25 !

Grrr, I am getting crazy with all my audio problems !


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