Re: [linux-audio-user] [OT] First trip to Europe

From: Thomas Ilnseher <illth@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Apr 19 2006 - 17:22:21 EEST

Dmitry Baikov schrieb:
> Hello, all!
> Me and my girlfriend are planning a trip to Europe for a month between
> May and June.
> It will be our first trip abroad, so please help if you can with a good advice.
> Since it's not so easy to get out of here (russia), and I can't visit
> all that great & numerous openlab's etc., one of the main goals is
> "community building":
> I'd like to meet (at least some of ) you, LADs/LAUs, in person.
> Current plan is (yes, it's huge):
> Moscow
> St.Petersurg
> --
> Helsinki
> Stockholm
> Berlin
> Koeln
> Brussels
> London
> Paris
> Bourdeaux
> Madrid
> Barcelona,Figeras
> Genova
> Milan?
> Rome
> Venice
> Vienna
> Prague
> --
> Moscow
> There are two main questions
> ( helps a bit, but residents can say much more):
> 1) what is the cheapest way to travel inside europe?
> Bus? Airplane? If it's by air, how can we buy cheapest tickets? Which
> company? How much days before the flight? etc. Or may be hitchhiking?
train is expensive, at least here in germany.

by air may be much cheaper, if you use one of those "cheap-airlines"
rainair, germanwings, dba, ....
you might have a look at:

unfortunately this sites are in german

if you need to book a line flight (sorry, do not know how to translate this)
at one of the major airlines (ie. Lufthansa), this could also be expensive.

the problem with the cheap airlines is to get the tickets just for the
date where you want to fly.
the cheap tickets might be sold out for that day, and either you would
need to pay an expensive airline,
or an expensive ticket for the cheapo-airline.

i don't know anything about travelling by bus. i have heared it should
be cheaper than going by train.

the german train company (, sorry, also in german) sells
tickets that are called "interrail".

the global ticket last for one month and should be valid across europe.
but i do not have more information.

for the global ticket:
385,- EUR, if you are below the age of 26,
else 546,- EUR

> 2) how hard is to find cheap place to sleep?
> Where can we meet YOU?
> Sorry, we don't know exact dates as we are researching on european
> visa (trip begins from Helsinki, since it seems the easiest way to get
> into europe).
> Sincerely,
> Dmitry.
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