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Date: Thu Apr 20 2006 - 01:32:17 EEST


Alle 15:39, mercoledì 19 aprile 2006, Dmitry Baikov ha scritto:
> Milan?

Ehi, what's the "?" after Milan?:)
Well, the city per se is not gorgeous, but there are things worth to see...
There are other smaller but wonderful cities in Northern Italy, like Bergamo,
Padova, Mantova, Verona, Ferrara and Parma, and the lakes like the Lake of
Como or Lake Maggiore are really beautiful. You know, even George Clooney has
a villa on the latter:)

> 1) what is the cheapest way to travel inside europe?
> Bus? Airplane? If it's by air, how can we buy cheapest tickets? Which
> company? How much days before the flight? etc. Or may be hitchhiking?

Trains in Italy are generally not cheap and not reliable. Travelling with
low-cost air companies is cheaper, but I don't know about booking. Hitchiking
can be a funny experience, like when a completely foul guy carried me and my
friend in the most thrilling trip of my life:)

> Sorry, we don't know exact dates as we are researching on european
> visa (trip begins from Helsinki, since it seems the easiest way to get
> into europe).

Since when Russia is outside Europe?:)




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