[linux-audio-user] Re: First trip to Europe

From: Loki Davison <loki.davison@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Apr 20 2006 - 09:44:19 EEST

On 4/20/06, Dmitry Baikov <dsbaikov@email-addr-hidden> wrote:
> Thank you all for you replies so far. Waiting for more ;)
> Need some time to analyse all info, but now some quick answers.
> Jens M Andreasen <jens.andreasen@email-addr-hidden> wrote:
> > Given the almost unbeliveable long list of places to visit ...
> :) You know, it's a plan. Flexible one. And for a month.
> And I don't think we'll travel again in a nearest year or so.
> Frank, thank you for invitation, but it's nearly impossible for us to
> be there at 18th of May.
> On Wednesday 19 April 2006 23:32, Carotinho was like:
> > Since when Russia is outside Europe?:)
> Geographically it is inside, but it's not that easy to get visa.
> It turns out we have to drop UK and Chezh since they are out of
> Schengen zone and need separate visas. Switzerland is not an option by
> the same reason.
> Still trying to figure out the easiest way to get visa. The country we
> get Schengen visa from should be the first country of our trip. Hope
> it will be Finland. But it may be France.

The french consular service are not really speedy when it comes to
visa's. I'd avoid them.

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