Re: [linux-audio-user] Advice on FC5

From: James McDermott <jamesmichaelmcdermott@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Apr 21 2006 - 18:44:50 EEST

Hi Tim,

I don't know whether anyone uses Fedora without planetCCRMA for audio
(?), so maybe a compromise - FC4+planetCCRMA - is in order?

> My first question is: Do I want to go to FC5? I don't think
> PlanetCCRMA has anything for it yet, but I'm thinking of running it
> OOTB. Is it usable for some simple use of JACK and friends? I hear
> that it wouldn't have low latency. Is this true, and does that affect
> me if I'm only recording one or two tracks at a time?

Yes, latency is still a big issue regardless of how many tracks are
involved. You need to search the (recent) archives of this list, and
the FC5 docs, for set_rtlimits, PAM, and the kernel version number.
You can get good low latency performance with a recent mainstream
kernel, they say!

Also, you'll have to do some reading to see what packages will be
available to you, and what you'll have to compile yourself.
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