[linux-audio-user] Mastering without mastering

From: BJaY <BJaY@email-addr-hidden-mail.net>
Date: Sun Apr 30 2006 - 16:41:59 EEST

I was just watching the talk on Protege at zkm 2006 and a bit of a crazy
idea occured to me. In addition to storing qualities of each instrument like
lead, string, percussive etc, a spectral profile could be generated for each
instrument and stored in the database. Then, you could take each channel of
your recording and pipe them (individually) into an app which would analyse
their spectral content, and then suggest alternative patches to make the
'whole' sound like some idealised mix (there would be a selection of these,
based on Genre perhaps). It would be like a magic button which would make a
track sound immediately better.

Any thoughts ?

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