Re: [linux-audio-user] Help creating digital sound production box

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Sun Apr 30 2006 - 19:08:34 EEST

  In terms of software:
  linuxsampler (gigasamples) qsampler as graphical frontend
  fluidsynth soundfont (qsynth as GUI frontend)
  ardour for recording (say cubase comparable roughly)
  audacity also recording but smaller
  AMS (alsa modular synth) for modular synth (very neat analogue oscs and
  ZynAddSubFX a great synthesizer with analogue, additive and a the
  muse midi/audio sequencing (I hear they've a nice GUI, loads of features and
good results)
  ladspa effects - ladspa is a standard effect-plugin system, which can be
used with every nowerdays app.
  We can also use a couple of vst-plugins (I think with ardour directly and
with jack_fst oder vst-host, I don't know the exact name)
  You can connect all those applications vai the jack-audio low-latency
  About hardware, you have high limits. You could get one fo the delta 1010
card by maudio, an older RME, but there you better ask.
  But I think this will get you a really nice audio-box. If you didn't install
linux already, you should also pay attention to which distribution to choose.
SuSe is still quite ok, I believe. Planet CCRMA is made for audio, and so
probably your first choice. I think debian also has some good features for
  Kindest regards

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