[linux-audio-user] [ANN] bcx2000edit: Editor for BCR2000/BCF2000

From: Pieter Palmers <pieterp@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jun 01 2006 - 13:53:25 EEST

Hi all,

I had to familiarize myself with python for work, and I took it as an
opportunity to hack on something I've want for some time now. I have
these behringer control surfaces, and they are pretty cool, but there is
no editor for them on linux. And using the device interface itself is a
little cumbersome.

So I figured out the sysex format (the patch dump format from "edit +
>") and wrote a parser for it in python. I also have a small PyQt
inteface (had to learn that too) that allows you to load files, change
the values and save them as a new file.

Note that this is very basic & non-bugfree software. No checking
whatsoever is performed on the sysex files, so if your control surface
displays "ERR" when you send a sysex file, you're probably violating the
format. The GUI is also limited to changes on existing files only.

I put this code online because I think it might be a nice starting point
for somebody that want's to write a real editor. It shouln't be that
hard (mostly GUI design), and they can use this code to further explore
the sysex format. I'm not planning to work on this any further because
(1) it serves my needs and (2) I need my time for other projects (most
notably freebob).

Anyway, you can find the code here:

Let me know if you start something with it.


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