Re: [linux-audio-user] Help setting up linux for high quality music listening via JACK

From: Lee Revell <>
Date: Wed Jun 28 2006 - 22:37:42 EEST

On Wed, 2006-06-28 at 14:18 -0500, Andrew Lester wrote:
> Hi, this is my first time on a mailing list, so I hope I'm doing it
> right. I am new to Linux, coming from windows. I need a low-latency
> sound interface with no resampling (ex: no software volume control, no
> software EQ, etc...), just like ASIO in windows. Somebody told me to
> look into JACK.
> I have an ESI Juli@ sound card, which seems to be supported under Linux.
> Using ALSA and xmms I can easily hear the sound quality is inferior to
> that of the sound quality in windows using winamp with an ASIO output
> plugin (and the official esi drivers). All my music is ripped in FLAC
> and I am using the Sennheiser HD650 headphones with a WooAudio 3 amp. I
> have jack installed, as well as jackd, and the jack output plugin for
> xmms. I have gotten basic sound out of jack by entering "jackd -d alsa"
> into the konsole and selecting the "jack audio connection kit" as the
> sound system and using the jack output plugin for xmms.

JACK defaults to 48000Hz, and most people's music collection is 44100Hz.

Check what sample rate JACK is running at.

> However I have a feeling it is not set up properly for low-latency
> output with no resampling because it sounds exactly the same as ALSA,
> and the software volume control in xmms and in the kmix is still
> working. After doing some searching on google I have found that versions
> of JACK 0.80 and under supported ASIO, but it was removed in later
> versions. Do you know how I would need to set it up to get the
> functionality I am looking for? And are there any newer music players
> that support FLAC and JACK output?

The kmix volume control is not software - it's the hardware volume
control of your card.

Try "aplay -D hw:0,0 file.wav". Does it still sound worse than Windows?
If so it could be a driver issue.

JACK's "ASIO mode" has nothing to do with this problem.

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