Re: [linux-audio-user] Help setting up linux for high quality music listening via JACK

From: carmen <>
Date: Thu Jun 29 2006 - 00:16:50 EEST

> However I have a feeling it is not set up properly for low-latency output with no resampling because it sounds exactly the same as ALSA, and the
> software volume control in xmms and in the kmix is still working. After doing some searching on google I have found that versions of JACK 0.80 and
> under supported ASIO, but it was removed in later versions. Do you know how I would need to set it up to get the functionality I am looking for?
> And are there any newer music players that support FLAC and JACK output?

you could check out Audacious(1). its the GTK2 successor to XMMS, retaining its plugin format and native ALSA/JACK output (the other main fork of xmms, BMPx, now uses GStreamer).

im a bit concerned that you claim the quality is less. i know some windows players (namely foobar2000) boast of full range 32bit-float interpolated decoding of originally 16bit sources. generally theres a choice of mp3 decoders: lame,mpg123,mad. youd have to experiment with compile-time options and different apps to see which one you prefer. the only other likely source for quality loss is a realtime resampler from eg 44.1 to 48khz. many mediocre soundcards, particular with jack, tend to default to 48khz, or are even unable of operating at 44.1 directly..

FLACs sound fine to me in audacious. even with ATIIXP onboard sound piped to a set of unpowered(!) monitors directly from the headphone jack...

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