[linux-audio-user] Music made in Linux anybody?

From: Aaron Trumm <aaron@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Aug 08 2006 - 03:17:50 EEST

Hi everybody! This is Aaron from NQuit and CCRMA and I have this

I'm releasing my newest CD, officially as of tommorrow - or wait -
Wednesday - yes. It's called "Bleed" - Aaron J. Trumm "Bleed".

I thought it might be of interest to us on this group because this release
was recorded entirely in Linux, using Ardour (and Hydrogen on occasion, and
probably some soft synths - yes Qsynth I'm sure)


That's the web address for the CD, which has lyrics and little bit of video
and buy links and such. It's available from us (NQuit) now and soon it'll
be on CDbaby and then distributed to all the digital distributors and online
sources and hopefully real world stores will order it, etc. etc.

Every page on the site has a short loop of the song in question, and at some
point I may be able to throw some more mp3 links your way, but in the
meantime here's one:


That's the title track, "Bleed".

Hope everybody enjoys, and since I'm pretty damn hungry after being a grad
student for a year, I kinda hope everybody buys it too *laugh*

- A

the slick of you will find out something about that mp3 link...

Aaron Trumm
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