Re: [linux-audio-user] ALSA Driver for ESI Julia Pro SC, is there an ETA on these?

From: Lee Revell <>
Date: Tue Aug 15 2006 - 23:58:41 EEST

On Tue, 2006-08-15 at 13:48 -0700, baldomurx wrote:
> Does anyone know if there is an ETA on drivers for this card?
> I have the above SC and have patiently been waiting to use it in my Linux
> DAW for the best part of a year now. Since there are no drivers for it I
> have had to take it out and resort to my old AP 2496.
> The ALSA site says that drivers are being written and I understand that they
> are almost there.
> Many thanks.

I think you asked this question on another list, and I responded:

See ./alsa-kernel/pci/ice1712/juli.c:

 * ALSA driver for ICEnsemble VT1724 (Envy24HT)
 * Lowlevel functions for ESI Juli@ cards
 * Copyright (c) 2004 Jaroslav Kysela <perex@email-addr-hidden>

Are you sure this card is not supported? If non, did you ever file a
bug report about it?

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