Re: [linux-audio-user] Re: Commercial audio software on Linux

From: Johannes Mario Ringheim <jri@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Aug 19 2006 - 14:41:22 EEST

Davy Wentzler wrote:
> Hello Sampo,
>> From the screenshot you posted, it seems that your software doesn't do
>> anything which Ardour couldn't do.
>> I think the quesitons just comes back to you: What does your program do that
>> makes it worth the 35-45 euro for someone who already runs Ardour / MusE /
>> Rosegarden?
> That's true. However, there are some free tools available on Windows too,

Yeah.... Did they get anywhere with the Windows port of Ardour, btw?
That should make it a free, crossplatform and extremly powerful
multitrack recorder for windows also. I guess in this case that would be
bad news for you, Davy.

I watched a recording of a speech by Mark Shuttleworth (Ubuntu founder)
where he pointed out that in like ten years it will be VERY difficult
for proprietary ("commercial") software to compete with Free Software
commercially. In Linux Audio this is already very much true. Me I've
already switched to LA (Ardour, etc) from Adobe Audition (blah!) on
Windows. This is also on the machine where I work (parttime) and get
paid (recording voices etc for multimedia productions). I also spent two
months at a "major" movie studio here in Norway, and I wouldn't have
switched Ardour for their Nuendo at any price, particularly since Ardour
is much snappier and has much better routing-possibilities than Nuendo.
Only thing of course is the Waves VST plugins, I don't think we have
anything on LA wich can match that. Yet.

Now, I don't mean to take your courage away, but this is what you're up
against nowadays... Maybe to find some way to make it GPL and still earn
some bucks? You could do coursing, consulting or some other type of
support or development for customers... Your app could perhaps be
practical for educational purposes?

Amiga rules, btw...I heard that the MorphOS system is taking 5 megs of
HD space... Now, what other modern OS can compete with THAT?
In fact I recently got an A4000/040 the other day, from some
media-institution related to where I work. I'll try to fire it up some
day :) Saaadly, though, they didn't give me the Studio16 16 bit
recording card, just the manual ;(

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