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From: carmen <>
Date: Mon Aug 21 2006 - 19:17:11 EEST

> lets cover these one by one, in reverse order:

thank you for the run-down. sounds like i need to dig deeper and try out a recent version. in case it wasnt apparent, my list was meant to suggest an aspiring developer to consider making a great tool even better, rather than reinvent from scratch and solve problems which have already been solved..

> 1) workflow issues with patch/preset/project browsing

my bias is towards post-production/editing environmnent. eg polishing audiofile dumps from pd, chuck, or remixing, rather than pure recording. in these kind of sitautions, an inbuilt browser for files (raw on disk, and 'regions' retaining tempo-remapping/plugins/etc), ladspa presets.

im sort of torn here whether i want to learn GTK/C(++?) and help out. or wait for client-server seperation and build this GUI in python or something. since it doesnt need to be realtime and includes grabbing files and metadata over the web.

and perhaps you dont want your app bloated with this stuff anways, but it has made things like Ableton and FL Studio much more usable, for windows users, if that says anything (proably not)

> 6) run on windows

aside from jack working with portaudio, and pa and gtk2 running fine on windows, and jackd and ardour mostly compiling out of the box in minGW . yeah. i didnt want to rewrite the IPC stuff needed for jackd to actually launch and run properly, and im sure it would be a disgusting task :)

> 10) playback heterogenous source format
> 11) automatic realtime SRC
> it was a design decision not to support this. contrast to digital
> performer, which allows you to create regions from files at the wrong SR
> but then simply doesn't play them at all (they are always silent). its
> far from clear what the best solution is here

some nameless Windows DAWs have taken the approach of, provide a realtime resampler for monitoring, and substitute in a higher-quality resampler during offline bounce (freewheel).

so you are working at 96000, and want to use some 44100 files, it just timestretches them by 0.459375. opening up region properties and you can then adjust this number..

since my accumulation of audio files spans the gamut of samplerates and i often want to use several existing pieces at once, this is somethign i'd be willing to sponsor, when im in a position to do so...

otherwise, wow.. i need to try out the app before pretending it has these limits ;)
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