Re: [linux-audio-user] Just look at what you have done!

From: tim hall <tech@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Aug 27 2006 - 20:53:55 EEST

On Thursday 24 August 2006 19:56, carmen was like:
> > Check this out!
> >
> Requested video codec family [wmv9dmo] (vfm=dmo) not available.
> Requested video codec family [wmvdmo] (vfm=dmo) not available.
> soo.. have they heard about theora? maybe theyll like it as much as ardour

The developers of the software have, this part of the website was
unfortunately created by a different team. It may well be worth emailing
lionstracs and politely pointing out that using microsoft formats makes them
look a bit silly. The development team will probably thank you for this. ;)

tim hall
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