Re: [LAU] How to write beats

From: Frank Barknecht <fbar@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Apr 21 2008 - 13:03:57 EEST

Frank Barknecht hat gesagt: // Frank Barknecht wrote:

> Finally you can change patterns with the subpatch called "pd
> switchpattern". Open it by clicking, then press the various message
> box flags. I threw in a little tanh-distortion and phaser effect for
> no additional cost.

Oh, and attached is the monday moring version which includes an
experimental pattern editor (no saving yet!), if you click the "show
pattern" toggle after loading a pattern. The first row is ignored, but
you can edit the other steps by clicking on it and typing a letter.
only the letters hsboHSBO make sounds. This version requires at least
Pd 0.40


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