[LAU] Interest for localized linux audio wikis ?

From: nradd <nradd@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Apr 25 2008 - 03:07:29 EEST


In the name of all the co-admins of www.LinuxMao.org, wich is a Tikiwiki [1] web site, I would like to know if there is an interest for any kind of collaboration in the field of (pirmarily) non-english Linux audio wikis ?

Sometimes ago one of our members, who is multilingual, expressed the wish to translate ours pages in german and spanish, which was favorably received by other members, later a polish user asked to translate part of our content for his own site (BTW, everything is under CC share alike license and there is no need for authorization). Then started the idea to ask here if there are other non-english people who want to involve themselves in the same kind of site but in their own native language. Either imitating us or cloning our "concept".

It's been 3 years that we run "Linuxmao" and we have reached over 1000 members (MAO stands for Musique Assistee par Ordinateur=Computer Aided Music). As non english linux users, we do have the need of reappropriation of all the english resources on the net. This has turned into a website specially aimed at easing newbies's life, as well as sharing various original infos for our advanced users. Our contents are not really encyclopedic but deal with a selection of the best applications for which we try to provide up to date informations and quick starter guides. Our site is not only a wiki, there are some forums, a megaphone (which is a quick chat box that adds some life), a news section that often pick up the news from LAA, an IRC channel on freenode (#linuxmao) and recently we started a collaborative Open CD project (files are shared via bittorrent). Well, this is a community web site. :)

At the moment most of our articles are not yet complete, after all a wiki is an ever evolving thing and will be never really finished. But for sure it's been a very satisfying experience seeing this site evolving constantly with new interesting members arriving with fresh ideas. It would be great to share this to a higher (transnational) level.

So, the intent of this mail is to ask several questions here:

* Are there already some non english sites, specially in Spanish or German, about audio and computer music under Linux ? If not, are there some people here who would want to start one ?

* Would there be some interest to create a webring, some sort of collaboration between all of theses (possible) sites ?

* Then, what could be this collaboration (we have a member that has written scripts to handle properly the translation of the Ardour manual, for instance).

* Would it be pertinent to envision an user centric english site, wich could serve as the reference and the source for all the localized versions ? And, as theses kind of community sites provide forums wouldn' it help to gather a broader audience, given that mailing lists like LAU (yet great) lack a little of usability and accessibility ?

* Is there an interest for Tikiwiki as the CMS technology ? It would be possible to collaborate at this level too, sharing tricks and improvements. We are thinking about sharing a starter kit with already set up various modules so that people who would want to adopt TW will quickly get a working site like us.

Best regards,


[1] www.tikiwiki.org

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