Re: [LAU] Voice to MIDI

From: Steve Fosdick <lists@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jun 10 2008 - 12:48:59 EEST

On 07/06/08 09:33:41, Steve Fosdick wrote:
> On 06/06/08 18:31:19, Hermann Meyer wrote:
> > waon is a Wave-to-Notes transcriber, it read wav file and write
> > standard MIDI
> > file format 0. You will find it here:
> >
> Thanks, any tips on tuning the parameters.
> I did a quick test - Can anyone guess which popular song from the
> 1970s this is?

It is actually "Top of the World" by the Carpenters.

This was taken from a pure vocal track - there isn't even audible bleed
from other tracks let alone any instruments playing.

I suspect a large part of what is going on is that waon is being fooled
by vibrato - it sees a change in pitch and assumes this is a deliberate
move onto another note.

I had a look at the options to see if there was any way to specify how
far the frequency has to change before it is seen as a transition or
whether I can specify the tempo or minimum length value but I can't see
how to do that.

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