[LAU] NVIDIA proprietary driver and jack

From: Frank Kober <goemusic@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Oct 18 2009 - 14:53:05 EEST

This is somewhat unsolicited, but I thought I share this in case it is not known, since I was puzzled for a while...

I have set up a new (more powerful core 2 duo) laptop system recently, and it's got an NVIDIA card. The vesa drivers only gave me suboptimal display resolution, and the nv driver did not work at all so I wanted to stick with the proprietary nvidia driver.
I had many xruns especially when there was little activity on the desktop and when the audio applications were minimized. Then I found that in the nvidia control panel that comes with the drivers there is that clock settings option where you toggle between 'adaptive' and 'prefer maximum performance'. And all of my problems disappear when the GPU clock is set to 'prefer maximum performance'.
So it was not the CPU clock powersave (cpufreq) settings, but the GPU clock that was causing the trouble.
(my yoshimi problems before were not related to that).
So I have a solid jack-1.9.3 running with a standard desktop kernel at 8ms latency without drawbacks in video performance.
Maybe someone has/will run into those problems, so i just leave the info here.


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