Re: [LAU] Until now Debian seems to be the right decision :), better performance than Ubuntu

From: Simon Wise <simonzwise@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue May 31 2011 - 15:35:44 EEST

> *?* I don't need Jack from a repository, I just asked, because this
> would be less work.

If you compile it yourself then ensuring it fits with the other packages is a
bit trickier ... it is the interaction between libraries and between packages
that a distribution solves for you. If you prefer to compile most of the
multimedia stuff yourself, then staying with debian stable as your base could be
good. You may find yourself compiling a number of the libraries because they
won't be the right version in stable.

/opt and /usr/local are the place to put locally compiled things, /usr/local
if you are using the libraries provided by the distribution, /opt if you are
also compiling the libraries so you can keep them separate. Ardour is taking
this path with its ardour3 alpha releases, putting everything in a folder so
that it does not rely on the distribution libraries at all. The packages are
large, and compiling this is not easy.

But ... if your plan is to compile yourself, consider gentoo instead - it is a
distribution put together with compiling your own stuff in mind, and much more
flexible and suited to this approach, with ways to manage the process and create
your own templates etc. I believe that there is an active audio community there
which would be quite helpful.

> deb sid main contrib non-free
> deb-src sid main contrib non-free
> deb sid main
> deb-src sid main

I think that mixing and is a mistake for your
purposes, because the libraries will replace the ones, and this often causes problems for the other audio packages
that are not on, and you will be using plenty of them.


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