[linux-audio-dev] What to do ???

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Subject: [linux-audio-dev] What to do ???
From: Dave Phillips (dlphilp_AT_bright.net)
Date: la loka   03 1998 - 15:57:26 EDT


  Since traffic on this list is currently a bit slow I thought I'd drop
a few hints to anyone looking for something to do. The following is a
list of software either already entered on the Linux soundapps page or
software I'd just like to see there. Following each item is a brief
description of what needs to be done, so if you're looking for a "quick
and dirty" project to clean up or if you want to sink your chops into
something juicy, perhaps you'll find something here:

  XPatchWork - It will actually run, but the mouse won't work so you
can't "click & drag" the modules, making the application rather
pointless. It will also need more modules ported: the Win95 version is
much better supplied.

  Patchmix - This one will also load but it's in serious disrepair. Once
again, the mouse won't function as it should (click & drag) and the
interface needs a lot of work.

  Ein - This one is tough: Nicola Bernardini has got it far enough along
that it will open, but it crashes immediately when a file is loaded.
There may be other problems but we haven't got it far enough along to
know what they are yet.

  The NoTAM X Apps - These all need prepared for compiling under glibc
systems. This project is a priority: libc6 is the current standard, and
it breaks the current versions of these applications. I would hope that
the codefixes are trivial, but I don't run a glibc system here yet.

  Audiotechque - Can anyone tell me what's going on with Atech ? The
project's manifesto is ambitious, but development seems excruciatingly
slow, particularly when compared to what's going on elsewhere (KDE
soundfile editors).

  ALSA Sequencer Core - Frank van de Pol has designed an excellent set
of MIDI extensions for the ALSA project, but the work seems to have
stalled. This project should also receive a priority rating,
particularly since work proceeds at integrating the ALSA driver features
into the Linux version of Csound.

  Freestyle - This "DJ varispeed sampler" project is unique and has
great potential.

  Soundman - This one is my own little Tcl/Tk utility. I've very little
time for coding, and the framework here might prove useful for someone
looking to code up an easy Tk app. It especially needs resizing ability.

  sparcOmatic - Incredibly, this app will run fine, but what it really
needs is support for output to /dev/dsp. Sounds simple ? Then just do
it... ;)

  If you can't find anything of interest to you here, then you could
also check the following entries from the soundapps page: G-seq, Cantor,
cmusic, WINE, X MIDI software, the Squeak/Smalltalk environment, ALSA,
et cetera. There's certainly enough work to be done, yes ?

== Dave Phillips


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